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Planetary Information[edit]


The early Karanans knew nothing of Kaiburr per se, though their myths provided that objects more distant from their homeworld were higher in the supernatural order. The gods had to live somewhere. When a small group of Dark Jedi arrived in the system sometime around 3400 BBY they exploited this belief in order to rule the primitives from afar. Their full reasoning may never be known, but it is likely they chose to settle Kaiburr to bask in the dark energies of its ancient cataclysm, for easy access to the local crystal supply, and to extend the range of their sensors out of the system. Their philosophy was apparently similar to the modern Obelisk, though it should be noted that there is no evidence of a connection to the students of Alaiedon.

They built a citadel on their chosen capital planet using slave labor, a position they would leave mysteriously a short time after its completion. The transported Karanans failed to survive this abandonment, their indignation at what they then knew to be false gods still evident in the vandalism done to the ruins. It would take Karanan science nearly a thousand years to discover the planet again.

The Emperor’s Hammer refurbished the ancient mine, recently exhausting the supply of low quality lightsaber crystals there that had once sustained the Dark Jedi of old. Although not as efficient as Adegans and requiring replacement every 1-2 months due to their inherently unstable structure, these crystals are far more efficient than the artificial crystals commonly in use following the Battle of Endor. In addition, their power output and ease of focusing emulate the desirable natural Adegan Crystals.

The planet served as the home of Clan Taldryan’s Obelisk House, House Dinaari, which spitefully carted off much of the Hammer’s remaining crystal supply during the Exodus. The planet now lies uninhabited save for a small survey and excavation force.

Kaiburr is also home to the Obelisk Order's former home. It was a giant obelisk for the obelisk order. At this time, Kaiburr is the houses the Obelisk campus of the Shadow Academy as well.

The Opan Mining Colony[edit]

Originally founded by the Emperor's Hammer, the Opan Mining Colony is now mostly owned by the three mining companies there. There is aproximately 120 miners and staff present at the Opan Colony. It is managed and run like a separate city state, which though illegal has been largely ignored by the Empire until recent. The colony lies three miles south of the exhausted Adega Mines, and is under the command of a corporate tribunal of CEO Kyshh Somoara, CEO Zin Suuka, and CEO Jim Wel'Da. Of the three the only Imperial is Wel'Da, the other two CEOs are of Karanan decent, and believe in a separate operation from the Empire - despite the fact the territory is already property of the Empire. Recent problems had started up from this, and even a few acts of violence towards local Stormtroopers has been reported. The EH has already increased security for Imperial officials in the area, and negotiations have been started to solve this peacefully. In the meantime, the fleet has allowed the Colony to govern itself so long as it recognizes Imperial officials "above the law" of their city state. The Opan mining colony controls most access to the Kaiburr Crystal Mines, and has added a small taxation to anyone outside of a Fleet Official's order who mines the crystals for sale to the Empire.

Opan is divided into five major constructions. The first is the consiare station and reception center for all visitors and new minors. The facility decends downwards into a canyon on the planet with the second unit being the motel, restruants, and park. A tunnel within the side of the canyon leads down to the third installment which is the most massive of any of the units, the market square. Here is where all the trade and diplomacy of the community was done. There is also a sigificant amount of crime in this sector, but the Opan Guard does its best to handle all of the community problems without informing the Empire. The fifth and final depart ment of the installation is up higher than the fourth. This is the three offices of each CEO, and the resident quarters of the miners that live there. It is also the office of the Opan Guard, the police force for the mining colony. There is a tunnel that leads directly from this sector to the Kaiburr Crystal Mines, but its access is controlled directly by the three CEOs..

Moon Descriptions[edit]

  1. Vodahri, the smallest and innermost moon, was also the last to be identified. It was named in honor of the Exalted Unifier, Krazzos Vodahr, in the ninth year of his reign. The moon lacks an atmosphere, and is mostly cratered water-ice.
  2. Guurat is another water-ice moon without an atmosphere or resources of note. It was named after Guurat Numare, Sahare’s most revered collectivist philosopher.
  3. Abrinooth is the largest moon in the system, the first moon of Kaiburr discovered, and has a dense nitrogen atmosphere. It was named after the leader of the High Gods.
  4. Orn is a rocky moon with a thin carbon dioxide atmosphere and a minor kiirium deposit in its southern hemisphere. It bears the name of one of Sahare’s greatest explorers, the first to circumnavigate Sahare.