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The Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps utilises standardised uniform templates, just like the Empire did. There are three basic types of uniforms regularly worn by Emperor’s Hammer officers – flight suit, duty uniform, dress uniform. Which uniform is worn depends on the type of duty or occasion. All of them can be rendered by TIECorps Tailoring Tool 3. You will need a non-TIE Corps utility, POV-Ray, installed. Unless allowed otherwise by the Strategic Operations Officer on a case-to-case basis, all uniforms must be rendered using the TIECorps Tailoring Tool 3.

All uniforms must be approved by the Strategic Operations Officer before being displayed on a pilot's profile.

Reference: TIE Corps Pilot Manual

Combat Pilot Uniform[edit]

Flight Leader MAJ John T. Clark's flight helmet

The uniform of a combat pilot is thoroughly utilitarian. The only marks of distinction are the rank insignia and position badges. This is the uniform worn while on combat missions in a single seater fighter craft.

It consists of a pressure suit and helmet. By default both are black, with the helmet sporting a silver Imperial symbol (as opposed to the white symbols used by other Imperial pilots) and possibly a squadron patch. Pilot's callsign is indicated on the front of the reinforced part of the helmet. Since TIE Corps pilots are considered the most elite group of pilots, they are allowed to use non-standard colours and patterns on their flight suits in order to flesh out their individuality.

Tempest's Tailoring Tool 2 renders only helmets and as such only helmets (without the flight suit) shall be accepted in the pictures uploaded to your profile.

Position badges[edit]

Position badges are on the front part of the helmet, over the pilot's callsign. The symbols are:

Higher positions do not have helmet badges as those positions are considered non-flying.

Rank insignias[edit]

Rank insignias run over the top and front part of the helmet, starting from between the pilot's callsign and the position badge. Their meaning is:

Higher ranks do not have helmet insignias as those ranks are considered non-flying.

A comprehensive guide of the ranking system along with pictures of each rank can be found here.

Duty Uniform[edit]

The current TCSOO, RA Zósite Kónstyte Styles' duty uniform

The duty uniform is that which is worn while on regular duty aboard ship, on stations and at other Emperor's Hammer facilities. It is the standard everyday uniform of all Emperor’s Hammer officers. It follows the standard Imperial pattern of duty uniforms.

It consists of an olive grey double-breasted tunic and trousers, a matching cap and black durasteel-capped boots. The only distinctions are the rank insignia on left breast and code cylinders, indicating position, in the pockets.

Code cylinders[edit]

A code cylinder is a common security device in use by Imperial officers. Each cylinder contains its user's personal security clearance codes and data, and their placement and color combination indicates one's position in the Emperor's Hammer or the TIE Corps. The system is as follows:

  • No cylinder - Reserve
  • One blue-tipped cylinder in left pocket - Flight Member
  • One yellow-tipped cylinder in left pocket - Flight Leader
  • One yellow-tipped cylinder in right pocket - Squadron Commander
  • One blue-tipped code cylinder in both pockets - Wing Commander (unavailable)
  • One blue-tipped cylinder in right pocket and one yellow-tipped cylinder in left pocket - Commodore
  • One yellow-tipped cylinder in both pockets - Battlegroup Commander
  • One yellow-tipped cylinder in right pocket, one blue and one yellow-tipped cylinder in left pocket - Imperial Advisor
  • One yellow and one blue-tipped cylinder in right pocket, one yellow-tipped cylinder in left pocket - Command Attaché
  • Two blue-tipped cylinders in both pockets - Subgroup Commander
  • One yellow and one blue-tipped cylinder in both pockets - Command Staff
  • One yellow and one blue-tipped cylinder in right pocket, two yellow-tipped cylinders in left pocket - Executive Officer
  • Two yellow-tipped cylinders in both pockets - Fleet Commander

Dress Uniform[edit]

The current TCCOM's, HA Daniel Bonini's dress uniform

The dress uniform is usually worn on official occasions, while attending important military events or celebrations and also during any formal occasions when officers wearing it are representing the Emperor's Hammer. It can be also used for non-military affairs, like light social occasions, dinner engagements and similar.

It consists of a dark double-breasted tunic with matching trousers and durasteel-capped boots (exception: Grand Admirals wear white dress uniforms). The tunic sports numerous golden elements, such as buttons, shoulder pads and symbols on the sleeves. Lining colour depends on the ship a member is based on – ISD-II Warrior officers used red, ISD-II Challenge blue, ISD-II Subjugator violet whereas the MC-80B Redemption members had green lining. The currently active vessel, the ISD-II Hammer, has a grey color theme. Members of the elite Praetorian Squadron used silver lining and all members of the Admiralty Board and Command Staff use golden lining. The rank insignia is worn on left breast, whereas position is indicated by the sleeve symbols. All medals are displayed – merit ones in full on left breast, with ribbons representing other medals just above them. The Imperial Cross and Grand Order of the Emperor are worn about the neck, while the Medal of Honor and Order of the Renegade are displayed on the right breast.

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard insignia and flying wings are also present. The squadron patch may be put on both of the sleeves, near the shoulders. Recipients of the Grand Order of the Emperor may display their ceremonial dagger on the dress uniform, while pilots who are also Dark Brotherhood members and have attained a rank of Dark Jedi Knight or higher may have their lightsabers with themselves.

Sleeve symbols[edit]

Golden bars with different thickness on the uniform's sleeve indicate the position of the member. The symbols are:

  • No symbol - Reserve
  • One thin bar - Flight Member
  • Two thin bars - Flight Leader
  • Three thin bars - Squadron Commander
  • Four thin bars - Wing Commander (unavailable)
  • One thick bar - Commodore
  • One thick and one thin bar - Battlegroup Commander
  • One thick and two thin bars - Imperial Advisor
  • One thick and three thin bars - Command Attaché
  • One thick and four thin bars - Subgroup Commander
  • Two thick bars - Command Staff
  • Two thick bars and one thin bar - Executive Officer
  • Two thick bars and two thin bars - Fleet Commander


The aiguillette, in gold cord, is worn on the right shoulder and also symbolizes a member's position:

  • Short aiguillette - Imperial Advisor, Command Attaché or Subgroup Commander
  • Long aiguillette - Command Staff, Executive Officer and Fleet Commander

Collar symbols[edit]

In lesser Line Command Positions, the collar displays only the color scheme and number of the Wing the member serves in (grey for Wing I). However, greater Command Positions have their own markings on the collar as well. The system is as follows:

  • Regular Wing insignia - Flight Member through Wing Commander (WC unavailable)
  • Thick golden lining on top and smaller Wing insignia - Commodore
  • Thick golden lining on top and bottom - Battlegroup Commander
  • Thick and thin golden lining on top, thick golden lining on bottom - Imperial Advisor, Command Attaché, Subgroup Commander
  • Thick and thin golden linings on top and bottom - Command Staff, Executive Officer
  • Thick and thin golden linings on top and bottom with golden leaf decoration in middle - Fleet Commander