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Admiral Hav Antiel serves on the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff as Command Attaché to the Logistics Officer aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Colossus.

Born into the Dosuun's Royal House of Sosuuna, Hav chose a military career over politics, undergoing officer training with the Emperor's Hammer on the Modified Platform Daedalus in the Phare System. He was commissioned as a pilot into the TIE Corps' Epsilon Squadron and served as Squadron Commander of Epsilon, Sin, and Rho squadrons, as well as Commodore of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Warrior.



At the time of his birth, Hav was third in line of succession to his grandfather, King Van II, as King of Dosuun, but is currently sixth in line after his mother, Princess Mair, Dutchess of Sosuuna, his older sister Princess Morii, Dutchess of Seelona, and Morii's three children.

Hav's great-great-grandfather, Van I, was the first King of Dosuun, one of the first human inhabitants of the planet, and founder of the royal House of Sosuuna. Van I issued letters patent in 120 BBY declaring his heirs as members of the House of Sosuuna and bearers of its name. Hav's great-grandmother, Maur, the first queen regnant of Dosuun, oversaw the increased presence of the Republic on the planet. The policies Maur put in place allowed an easy transfer of executive power to the Empire during the reign of her son, Hav's grandfather, Van II. After taking the throne following Maur's death in 50 BBY, Van II has become Dosuun's longest-serving sovereign. Although Van II witnessed the rise and fall of the Empire, Dosuun has remained relatively unaffected by the turmoil and changing political climate of the galaxy during his reign.

Ancestors on Hav's father's side trace their lineage to Corellia. His paternal great-great-great-grandfather, Rebus Antiel, was a wealthy Corellian merchant who emigrated to Dosuun following the fall of the House of Solo. Hav's paternal great-grandfather, Ran Antiel, worked to increase then-Senator Palpatine's support among Wild Space sectors. During the Clone Wars, Ran supplied infrastructure support to the Grand Army of the Republic during the Outer Rim Campaign. During this time, the royal family was eager to prove their loyalty to the nascent Empire. Sovereign Queen Maur, Hav's maternal great-grandmother, granted Ran the dukedom of Seelona and, by extension, proximity to the royal family. The next thirty years would witness the Antiel family intertwine with the House of Sosuuna, and it was little surprise when King Van II announced Princess Mair's bethrothal to Robus of Seelona in 10 BBY.

Early Life[edit]

Hav was born on the royal yacht Aledama on the 7th month of 7 BBY as the second child of Mair and Robus of Seelona. He was christened with the royal name Hav on return to Meer Castle by his grandfather, Van II. His symbolic regents at the time of his birth were his paternal grandfather, Rebus of Seelona, his sister Morii, Dutchess of Seelona, his paternal uncle Garm (a former Imperial pilot), Lady Lynadim (his maternal cousin), and Sector Admiral Grek DeGrond.

Like their royal precedessors, Hav's parents eschewed the Core World tradition of excessively-long royal names, settling on the monosyllabic "Hav" that would be their son's name both inside and outside of Meer Castle. Because he has not been granted a dukedom (a title traditionally bestowed shortly before male heirs are married), Hav retains the broad title Prince of Dosuun.

Hav's paternal grandfather, Rebus of Seelona, wanted his grandchildren to have a broad range of experiences before settling into the relative monotony of royal life. Hav's Uncle Garm played an important role in this regard, encouraging Hav to study art, music, sport, and flying, frequently inviting young Hav to join him on his flying exploits. Hav frequently joined his parents on tours of the Core Worlds, and he eventually developed an interest in exploring Wild Space. As Hav approached adulthood, he found it difficult to choose between a future spent in space or on Dosuun.


Hav received a private eduation from tutors at Meer Castle during his primary years. At age 13, Hav enrolled at Cruthers School, an independent boarding school founded by Sector Admiral Grek DeGrond. At Cruthers, Hav took up smashball and joined the school's strings ensemble. Hav studied literature, history, art, music, and engineering at high level, obtaining certifications in all except engineering. Admiral DeGrond took an interest in young Hav during his time at Cruthers, often granting Hav special privileges and at one point inviting the young prince aboard his Victory-class Star Destroyer Auspice.

Following his matriculation from Cruthers, Hav was torn between his interests in music and education and the desire stoked by Admiral DeGrond to serve in Dosuun's Planetary Naval Auxiliary. As an 18-year-old, he was old enough to earn flight certification, but Hav's family pressured him to continue his education in the Core Worlds like his mother and grandfather. It was Hav's Uncle Garm who convinced the young prince to enroll at Dammon University on Corulag due to its proximity to the Sienar Advanced Research Division facility.

At Dammon University, Hav embarked on a degree course in music but later changed his main subject to history, going on to earn mastery certification with honors. While at the university, he represented Corulag in Quetarra Center's Quetarra-Thon in 13 ABY, placing as second runner-up. It was during his time at Dammon that Hav began using the name "Antiel" among his classmates. Proximity to the Sienar Advanced Research Division provided opportunities to witness experimental craft, which regularly flew over the university. This experience cemented Hav's desire to become a pilot, even as he was dedicating his time to his studies.

Personal Life[edit]

In addition to his exploits in command of Sin Squadron and the Warrior, Hav is an accomplished artist, musician, and athlete. He designed and created Sin's squadron patches, and he has painted TIE pilot helmets for a number of his TIE Corps colleagues. During his sabbatical in Wild Space, Hav played quetarra, quintolium, and hallikset in the b'ssa nuuvu band The Pink Banthas, a name that Hav later used for his personal ships in the TIE Corps. It was during his time touring with the group that Hav was kidnapped by Zabrak pirates and held for ransom, ultimately losing both hands (and his musical aspirations).

Military Career[edit]

After his sabbatical tour of Wild Space and subsequent kidnapping, Hav decided on a military career, undergoing officer training with the Emperor's Hammer on the Modified Platform Daedalus. While onboard the Daedalus, Hav completed practical training in the TIE/ln, TIE/sa, and TIE/IN and simulated training in the TIE/ad, TIE/D, and Alpha-class Xg-1 Assault Gunboat and Missile Boat. The young pilot developed an appreciation for the classic unshielded TIE craft that his uncle had piloted during the Galactic Civil War. He found that the simplicity of the earlier TIE Series models demanded creativity and ingenuity in battle, whereas later models (the TIE/D and Missile Boat in particular) relied more on technical superiority and less on pilot skill.

Epsilon Squadron[edit]

Upon earning his flight certification, Hav was assigned to Epsilon Squadron aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Hammer. Under the command of CMDR Dunta Polo and flight leader Jarion Renalds, Hav began taking missions in a Missile Boat Mk.II designated Epsilon 3-2. Hav earned a promotion to full lieutenant in his first month of service by winning a contest to design the squadron patch for the newly-reactivated Sin Squadron. Within a month, Hav had earned his first merit award, an Imperial Security Medal for completing 14 missions.

A voracious student, Hav took the opportunity to further his training and certifications through the Imperial Weapons and Tactics School, earning his first Iron Stars for leading Epsilon in number of missions and courses completed. He quickly earned the Commendation of Bravery for completing 30 missions, and he was soon challenging Hammer veterans at the top of the Kill Board.

Antiel piloting TIE/ad Epsilon 2-3 in support of ISDII Hammer.

After a promotion to lieutenant commander, Hav was assigned as the lead for Epsilon's third flight. To celebrate, Hav christened his Missile Boat the "Pink Bantha" after his former music group. However, the celebration would be short-lived: during an escort mission, Hav crashed into debris, damaging his ship and causing severe injuries to his upper body. The young pilot was rescued by a shuttle from Tweezers squadron. The injury grounded Hav for ten months and caused lingering trauma that left Hav less eager to take missions.

To make himself useful as he healed, Hav sought more leadership within the squadron, and Polo assigned Hav as the lead of Flight III. This temporary "downtime" eventually stretched out to nearly a year of desk duty for Antiel. As he healed up and earned clearance to resume flight activity, Antiel found that his nerves were keeping him from flying. Merely approaching his ship caused tremors in his hands, and he sought inventive reasons to explain his flight absences. Hav knew that his career was at a crossroads; he would either need to start flying or find another way to make himself useful to the Emperor's Hammer.

When Polo announced that he would be resigning from the lead of Epsilon after eight years in command, Antiel saw an answer. His application for command of Epsilon was met a reply from then Hammer Commodore Anahorn Dempsey noting that Antiel had been "a wee bit invisible" over the last year. Despite Dempsey's reservations, Antiel was selected to succeed Polo as Epsilon CMDR, and the newly-minted Commander rang in 25 ABY as Epsilon 1-1.

However, Antiel's tenure got off to a rocky start. His plan—focus on the desk duties and hold fast to regulation and decorum—quickly proved unpopular with both his pilots and the Commodore. Weekly squadron reports were met with complaints about formatting. At one point, the only pilot to participate in Antiel's intra-squadron competitions was the Dempsey, the Commodore. Antiel knew his best bet was to start flying again, but his old fears kept him from jumping back in the cockpit.

After less than two months in command, Antiel requested a transfer back to flight member status, thus resigning his commander rank commission. At the time, Antiel regarded the move as the low-water mark of his career but would later rate it as a career-making decision. Epsilon's new commander, Lieutenant Commander Miles Prower, was a former Wing Commander who had returned from the Reserves to helm Epsilon after Antiel's unexpected retirement. Curious about Antiel's change in form from his first years as an active flight member to a desk-bound commander, Prower reached out to Antiel, pushing him address the incident that caused him so much trepidation. Prower took time to get to know Antiel and even flew missions alongside the former commander to help him find his strengths again. The two developed an easy friendship that went beyond commander/flight member and would last as they both eventually rose to lead sister Star Destroyers for the TIE Corps.

With Prower's guidance, Antiel started to take on missions in the Missile Boat Mk.II christened "Pink Bantha III." After nearly a year of attempts, Antiel returned to the cockpit for his first active duty mission. A few months later, Antiel earned his first Bronze Star of the Empire for his flight activity and he began to make his way through the Fleet Commander's Honor Guard rankings. Halfway through 26 ABY, Antiel was stronger than ever, flying regular missions and challenging for the title of "Ace of the TIE Corps." Leaders within the TIE Corps were starting to take notice, and despite Antiel's insistence on staying a lowly Flight Member, it wouldn't be long before he was called to lead again.

Sin Squadron[edit]

At Lieutenant Colonel Prower's insistence, Antiel applied for command of Sin Squadron aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Warrior. Sin held some significance for Antiel at that point; he had earned his promotion to full lieutenant by winning a contest to design Sin's new patch when the squadron was reactivated in 23 ABY. After three years aboard the Hammer, Antiel had some hesitation about his new ship. The Warrior had a reputation for skilled ace pilots who had little patience for inexperience. The Warrior and her pilots had won the annual Raise the Flag wargame competition for the last three years, thereby earning honors as the Flagship of the TIE Corps.

When Antiel assumed command of Sin, the once-mighty squadron was in a state of disrepair. Under command of Colonel Plif, Sin had challenged Theta for top squadron honors in its first two years of reactivation. But by the time Antiel inherited command, Sin was languishing in eighth place in activity, second only to Epsilon. In the words of previous commander Jarek La'an, Sin was in "real danger of becoming unsustainable." It was clear that something needed to change. Antiel had been given a second chance with this command, and he knew the trajectory of his career was at stake.

Antiel's most significant TC craft, the Missile Boat "Pink Bantha III"

In his previous failed attempt at command, Antiel had focused on strict adherence to regulations and decorum. He largely kept to his office and relied on his flight leaders for communication with the pilots of Epsilon Squadron. As Sin Commander, however, Antiel make a conscious decision to humble himself to his pilots. He focused on flying missions and building relationships with his crew. He spent time meeting with pilots in the Warrior's cantina, regaling them with stories and listening to their ideas. He quickly identified a core group of pilots—AKA "Sinners"—whom he could trust and rely on.

Upon assuming command of Sin Squadron, Antiel found that a group of pilots had gone away without leave—earning pilot salaries and benefits without reporting for duty. Because of a culture of giving pilots the benefit of the doubt, previous commanders had largely looked the other way regarding AWOL pilots. However, Antiel believe that this culture was hindering the productivity of his pilots. Rather than protecting them, he found that this behavior made active pilots feel overlooked and underappreciated. For the duration of his tenure as Sin Commander, Antiel regularly shipped pilots to the M/FRG Phoenix if they failed to meet monthly expectations.

Antiel determined that a "rebrand" would help Sin return to its former glory. In the first two months of his command, Antiel designed a new squadron patch with the colors of his alma mater, the maroon and gold of Cruthers. He charged his flight leaders with determining new flight nicknames and mottoes. Antiel christened Flight I "Hell’s Own" and chose the motto "We are as good as they say." Flight II leader Rando chose "Hell’s Wrath" and the motto "Reinforcements have arrived." Major Earnim Branet designated Flight III "Winged Hell" and coined the motto "Not even hell stops us."

During his tenure as Sin Commander, Antiel began to feel comfortable in the cockpit again. He began taking regular missions and frequently challenged the Corps' top pilots on the Kill Board and began earning notice as a skilled, active pilot. He ended 25 ABY as the third-most active pilot behind stalwarts Vice Admiral Pete Mitchell and General Anahorn Dempsey and entered 26 ABY as one of the most active pilots of the TIE Corps. He developed strong relationships not only with his pilots, but also with the Warrior's Commodores: first Mitchell and then Plif.

Under Antiel's commander, Sin began the steady return to legitimacy. In the next two Raise the Flag competitions, Sin improved to fifth and third place among TIE Corps squadrons, respectively. When SOO Mitchell was named as the next TIE Corps Commander and Warrior Commodore Admiral Plif was selected as the next Strategic Operations Officer, Antiel felt friendly pressure to apply for the open position of Warrior Commodore.

Warrior Commodore[edit]

After a year in command of Sin Squadron, Antiel's star was rising. Plif's appointment to SOO left the Warrior without a Commodore, and Antiel felt confident that he was the right officer for the position. In 26 ABY, then Lieutenant Colonel Antiel was placed in command of the Warrior and promoted to Rear Admiral.

RA Antiel's first priority was to find new CMDRs for Sin and Theta Squadrons. Antiel named his top Flight Leader, Colonel Earnim Branet to lead Sin Squadron. General Jarek La'an volunteered for another tour of duty as Theta CMDR, having previously served in the role from 22-23 ABY. Antiel noted that he felt pressure to maintain the high performance of his predecessors. Former WarCOMs Pete Mitchell went on to become the next TCCOMs, and the Warrior had won every Raise the Flag since the ship was activated in 22 ABY.

The Warrior belongs to her pilots. It's your ship, after all. We have a strong culture aboard the Warrior, and I'm pleased with our trajectory. With that being said, there's always room for growth, and I want your voices to guide our next steps. My door is always open, and I hope you will reach out to me whenever you have ideas or concerns.

—RA Hav Antiel's first Warrior report, 26 ABY

The Warrior continued to operate as the TIE Corps Flagship during Antiel's first year as Commodore. Antiel took a conservative approach, maintaining the ship-wide competitions and practices of his immediate predecessor, Plif. However, Antiel felt increasingly isolated in the position. As a squadron commander, Antiel interacted with his pilots daily and took missions on a regular basis. As an admiral, Antiel missed those direct connections. He also itched to fly missions. It wasn't strictly forbidden for Commodores to fly fighters, but Antiel missed the briefings, the scheduled flights, and the ready-room atmosphere of squadron life. He didn't feel the same thrill booking a flight crew for his TIE Advanced x1, Pink Bantha IV, and his flight activity dropped to 25% of his previous levels.

As the next Raise the Flag competition approached, Antiel leaned on the Warrior's traditional approach, confident that the ship would retain its undefeated streak. In the previous year's competition, the Warrior had more than doubled the score of the Hammer. However, Antiel and the pilots of the Warrior were in for a rude awakening. The Hammer, led by veterans from Epsilon Squadron, formed a plan to take the lead early. They stormed the scoreboard with their combined efforts and demoralized the Warrior and her Commodore.

When the contest was over, the Hammer was the new TIE Corps Flagship. Antiel had become the first Warrior Commodore to lose Raise the Flag.

Defeat in RtF coupled with Antiel's lingering feelings of isolation. He dreamt of returning to Sin Squadron as its Commander and earning promotion to General. He longed for regular missions and briefings in the ready room. His career trajectory was pointed at the TIE Corps Command Staff, and a logical next step would be to apply for Combat Operations Officer or Strategic Operations Officer. Antiel knew those positions meant more logistics and desk responsibilities and less time to connect with pilots and fly his personal fighter. Sinking into a professional slump, Antiel started to slack on his duties, failing to issue reports and falling behind on his duties for the first time in his career.

Rho Squadron[edit]

After nearly two years in command of the Warrior, Antiel learned that FA Plif, now the TIE Corps Commander, planned to reactivate a fourth squadron on the ship. Antiel felt he was at a crossroads between trying to move upwards and become a member of the TIE Corps Command Staff or return to a familiar role as commander of a new squadron. The pilot in him missed the regular missions and camaraderie with his peers. Antiel enjoyed being an Admiral and believed he had done well to lead the Warrior, but the attraction of a new squadron proved to be more compelling.

Plif met with Antiel to discuss the details of the new squadron. Antiel would have choice of name from the list of inactive Wing II squadrons (Psi, Rho, or Sigma at the time). He would also have some say in the squadron's objective and fighter complement. As Commodore, Antiel had learned the strengths and weaknesses of the Warrior's squadron assignments. Sin Squadron was useful for sending out ahead of the Warrior (or without it completely) for deep space missions. Theta Squadron's pacification objective meant its targets were largely terrestrial, and Kappa Squadron was typically busy on escort duty. This combination often left the Warrior exposed without a fighter defense.

With Plif's guidance, Antiel reforged Rho as a strike squadron of twelve TIE Interceptors with the mission to defend the Warrior from any and all threats, doing so without the safety net and resulting carelessness that shields can foment. While announcing the reactivated squadron, Plif commented, "It's a bold choice, one that will demand the sharpest skills and constant vigilance."

To christen the reopened squadron, Antiel designed a new squadron patch in the classic Imperial colors of black and gray. At its center is a TIE Intercetor ready to strike.

Emperor's Hammer Command Staff[edit]

In 28 ABY, inspired by his interest in history and its preservation, Hav applied to serve the Logistics Office. Grand Admiral Rapier and the Logistics Officer, Fleet Admiral Mark Schueler, accepted Hav's application and named him Command Attaché to the LO. The appointment rank for Command Attaché is Rear Admiral, but Hav was lucky to retain his recent Admiral promotion. In his duties, Hav shared time on the Warrior and Colossus

In his first year as CA:LO, Hav focused on the Encyclopaedia Imperia, specifically its title conventions and style. He rid the archive of broken and double redirects and started to address the long list of dead-end, orphaned, and wanted pages. During that first year, the LO's office moved from the Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer Sovereign to the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Avenger before finally settling on the Colossus.

Personal Craft[edit]

Pink Bantha I
PinkBanthaI.png Craft: Missile Boat Mk.II
Squadron: Epsilon
Position(s): Flight Member, Flight Leader
Rank(s): Sub-Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander
Active: 07/20/2014-01/06/2016, 03/01/2016-12/06/2016
Missions: 119
Pink Bantha II
PinkBanthaII.png Craft: TIE Advanced
Squadron: Epsilon
Position(s): Squadron Commander, Flight Member
Rank(s): Lieutenant Commander, Commander
Active: 01/06/2016-03/01/2016, 12/06/2016-03/25/2017
Missions: 292
Pink Bantha III
PinkBanthaIII.png Craft: Missile Boat Mk.II
Squadron: Sin
Position(s): Squadron Commander
Rank(s): Commander, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel
Active: 05/19/2017 - 07/19/2018
Missions: 2,061
Pink Bantha IV
PinkBanthaIV.png Craft: TIE Advanced x1
Squadron: n/a
Position(s): Commodore
Rank(s): Read Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral
Active: 07/19/2018 - 04/16/2020
Missions: 649
Pink Bantha V
PinkBanthaV.png Craft: TIE Interceptor
Squadron: Rho
Position(s): Squadron Commander, Flight Member
Rank(s): Colonel, General
Active: 04/16/2020 - Present
Missions: Ongoing

TIE Helmet[edit]

HavAntielHelmet.png Notched Cogs

As a child, Hav developed a keen interest in pilots' helmets. He was fascinated by the wild custom paintjobs on rebel helmets and the unique, almost undetectable touches on Imperial helmets. He memorized the designs of his favorite pilots and sketched ideas for his own helmet designs well into his adulthood.

When Hav earned his commission to full lieutenant in the TIE Corps, Princess Mair presented him with an ornate, metallic purple and gold custom TIE pilot helmet adorned with the the crest from his personal coat of arms. Breaking protocol, Hav refused the gift. He wished to avoid undue attention and hoped to hide his royal heritage as much as possible in the TIE Corps. Plus he had longed to design his own helmet, one that more closely resembled the TIE pilots' "buckets" he had seen up close on Corulag. Hav could't picture "Mauler" Mithel donning Mair's purple and gold monstrosity.

In designing his helmet, Hav borrowed elements from three pilots who flew with Lord Vader's Black Squadron at the Battle of Yavin: the eclipsed Imperial Cog from DS-61-4 ("Dark Curse"); the labeled brow from DS-61-3 ("Backstabber); and the black inlet cowl from DS-61-2 ("Mauler" Mithel). Hav added traditional "widow's tears" after his 10th confirmed kill in 23 ABY to mark his status as an ace pilot. Despite borrowing from those legendary pilots' designs, Hav aimed to make his helmet unique. He labeled the brow of his helmet "Antiel" in Aurabesh and included the eclipsed cog on both sides of the helmet. In 25 ABY, Antiel added the unique durasteel-colored outline stripes on the "mohawk" area of his helmet.

Over the years, Hav has made small changes to the helmet while keeping a uniform and familiar style. Since 28 ABY, the notched Imperial Cogs, widow's tears, and mohawk stripes have been a uniform durasteel gray. Although it is TIE Corps tradition to include the pilot's squadron patch on the cheek or chin of the helmet, Hav prefers to keep his helmet free from squadron markings. Hav notes that the great pilots in history used the same or similar designs while they flew for different squadrons and hopes to tie the helmet design to himself rather than a squadron.

Hav is finicky about his helmet's fit an finish, and he goes through multiple helmets per year. Although the Emperor's Hammer provides standard equipment to TIE Corps pilots, Hav personally pays for his helmets from his favorite supplier. Hav likes to collect other pilots' helmets, usually through helmet exchanges where Hav symbolically trades helmets with another pilot. His helmet collection, including battle-used and replica helmets, is rumored to number into the hundreds.

Royal titles, styles, honors, and arms[edit]

Title and styles[edit]

Hav's full title is His Royal Highness Prince Hav of Dosuun, but he is familiarly known as Hav Antiel. Although his recorded name is simply "Hav," he uses his paternal grandfather's Corellian surname "Antiel" in service to the Emperor's Hammer. Hav's mother and older sister have used the geographical suffix "Sosuuna" in lieu of a surname in the past, but Hav has grown fond of "Antiel" and even has it painted on the brow of his TIE helmet.

Hav has continued to use Antiel as his surname beyond military purposes and is known as Hav Antiel in multiple contexts. Traditionally, male heirs of the reigning monarch receive a dukedom immediately prior to marriage, the most recent being his grandfather, King Van II, who received the dukedom of Sosuuna.

As of 28 ABY, Hav remains the only adult heir of Van II who has not received an formal honorific.


Upon his commission to the TIE Corps, Hav received the honorary title Commodore-in-Chief of the Dosuun Planetary Naval Auxiliary. Commodore-in-Chief is a strictly ceremonial title that was created when Imperial control of Dosuun began in 5 ABY. King Van II first bestowed the title upon Hav's father, Robus of Seelona. Robus, who served as a cadet in the Imperial Navy prior to the Galactic Civil War, completed his attachment to the 533rd Imperial Reconnaissance Group and later took up a staff officer role with said unit until the fall of Emperor Palpatine.

Although the title is ceremonial, Hav continues to fulfill the duties of the office, including presiding over the annual fleet week festivities in Sosunna.


HavAntielCoatofArms.png Arms of His Royal Highness Prince Hav of Dosuun
Crest: Crests arms in the House of Sosuuna typically include multiple symbolic charges or beasts that represent the wearer's lineage or history, often depicted in brilliant gold. Hav eschewed tradition and requested a circle surrounded by eight trapezoids framing a view of Dosuun from space, framed in simple durasteel. The combination of the central circular frame and eight surrounding trapezoids resemble both the view from the cockpit of a TIE/ln starfighter and the resonator panels of a vintage Terrestrial brand quetarra.
Bed: According to tradition, the crest rests on a ribbed pillow. The purple hue signifies royalty while the ribbed texture represents a non-married male.
Ruffle: The plain, non-gilded ruffle represents Hav's pursuit of civic duty and the fact that he has not yet been granted a dukedom.
Current Location: The current location of Hav's arms is unknown but presumed to be safely stored in Meer Castle.

TIE Corps Career[edit]

TIE Corps Positions Held[edit]

TIE Corps Career Standings[edit]

Date Position Time Spent
07/20/2014 TRN/CT Hav Antiel/M/PLT Daedalus 1 day
07/20/2014 FM/SL Hav Antiel/Epsilon 3-2/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 4 days
07/24/2014 FM/LT Hav Antiel/Epsilon 3-2/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 3m, 24d
11/16/2014 FM/LCM Hav Antiel/Epsilon 3-2/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 3m, 17d
03/04/2015 FL/LCM Hav Antiel/Epsilon 3-1/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 10m, 3d
01/06/2016 CMDR/CM Hav Antiel/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 1m, 25d
03/01/2016 FM/LCM Hav Antiel/Epsilon 3-2/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 9m, 6d
12/06/2016 FM/LCM Hav Antiel/Epsilon 2-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 2m, 6d
02/10/2017 FM/CM Hav Antiel/Epsilon 2-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 1m, 13d
03/25/2017 FL/CM Hav Antiel/Epsilon 3-1/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 1m, 24d
05/19/2017 CMDR/CM Hav Antiel/Sin/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 2m, 19d
08/06/2017 CMDR/CPT Hav Antiel/Sin/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 2m, 2d
10/08/2017 CMDR/MAJ Hav Antiel/Sin/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 4m, 3d
02/10/2018 CMDR/LC Hav Antiel/Sin/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 5m,6d
07/19/2018 COM/RA Hav Antiel/ISDII Warrior 7m,21d
03/10/2019 COM/VA Hav Antiel/ISDII Warrior 1y, 1m, 1d
04/11/2020 COM/AD Hav Antiel/ISDII Warrior 5d
04/16/2020 CMDR/COL Hav Antiel/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 8m, 3d
12/19/2020 CMDR/GN Hav Antiel/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 13d
01/01/2021 FM/GN Hav Antiel/Rho 1-4/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 2m, 21d

TIE Corps Medals and Awards Earned[edit]

TIE Corps Patch Gallery[edit]

Hav Antiel designed the following patches and logos which were used by active TIE Corps squadrons and ships.

Image: 200 pixels Image: 200 pixels Image: 200 pixels Image: 200 pixels
Sin Squadron Patch, 2014* Sin Squadron Patch, 2017 Warrior Logo, 2019* Rho Squadron Patch, 2020
Image: 200 pixels Image: 200 pixels Image: 200 pixels
Inferno Squadron Patch, 2020 Lambda Squadron Patch, 2020 Tempest Squadron Patch, 2020*

* indicates competition-winning design

Preceded by
Dunta Polo
Epsilon Squadron Commander
January 2016-March 2016
Succeeded by
Miles Prower
Preceded by
Jarek La'an
Sin Squadron Commander
May 2017-July 2018
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Commodore of ISDII Warrior
July 2018-April 2020
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Rho Squadron Commander
April 2020-present
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